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Transformational Yoga Immersion

Helping YOU to Grow in Your Own Way

Transformational Yoga Immersion

Helping YOU to Grow in Your Own Way

Personal Guidance for Growth and Change

Results of your immersion may include:

  • Initial goal setting session with Randall

  • Build core strength and flexibility

  • Develop a daily personal breath practice

  • Create a bespoke daily yoga practice (includes a video)

  • Helping you work on specific poses that you want to conquer

  • Daily Yoga Classes

  • Daily Private sessions with Randall

  • Help you to recover from injury or imbalance

  • Recover lost energy caused by burnout

  • Helping you quiet your mind and experience  inner peace

Leading Practitioner

Randall O’Leary

Randall has been a dedicated explorer of Yoga since 1991. Alongside his studies of classical Hatha Yoga, Randall has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Jivamukti and most importantly Viniyoga. Viniyoga is a style of traditional, personalised yoga therapy practice and Randall weaves in Viniyoga methods to all his classes.

Randall began teaching in 1995 and quickly realised how important it is that each person practices the yoga that suits their needs and goals. In the last 10 years, he has focused his attention on learning Ayurveda, a traditional medical system from India. With this additional knowledge, he is further able to help individuals find balance, health and happiness through yogic  practice and lifestyle.

Randall believes that yoga and Ayurveda can be vital keys to a life well-lived, if only people knew the techniques and methods. His teaching is based around the “Art of Living” that is Yoga and Ayurveda. He shares this ancient wisdom in each and every class that he teaches, in order to provide tools that students can use in their daily life.

Randall’s teaching style is primarily focused on cultivating an breath-based asana practice that builds and sustains a high level of Prana: the vital life-force energy. Inspired through his studies of Tai Chi and Viniyoga, He teachers his unique approach to breath and movement, which he called Swara Yoga.

Having worked with yoga students for over 30 years, he has encountered a vast variety of different people and learned many ways of helping them grow and change through yoga. It is his aim to inspire every student to pursue a practice that is balanced, healthy and transformative, a yoga that spreads out into their world and positively transforms their relationship with life on every level.

Personal Guidance for Growth and Change

This special Transformational Yoga Immersion is a unique opportunity for you to really focus on your own practice, health and growth. In normal classes, rarely do we get to practice in the ways that suit us best. Often times we never get to ask the questions that we have about yoga or spiritual practice, and even more seldom do we get to learn about the yoga that is optimal for us as individuals.

This Package is designed to satisfy! You will start with a 1 on 1 consultation with Randall and together you will identify the areas of your practice and of your life that you wish to work on. This could be centred on your physical practice, or could involve your energy, the quality of your mind, your diet, injuries or other aspects of your health and spirituality.

After the consultation, you and Randall will work together privately each day to help you move towards your goals. We will identify practices that will suit you (as well as challenge you) so that you can progress positively in life.  Over the course of the week, we will keep practicing and exploring these bespoke yoga techniques. At the end of the week, if you desire, we can make a video of Randall doing the practice so that you can take it home and continue your work even after your Immersion is finished.

If you really want to find your own path in yoga and truly benefit from the timeless wisdom of the yogis, this package is ideal. A chance not to be missed!

What’s Included:

  • A Welcome meal

  • Private Yoga sessions

  • Massage treatments (1 hour each)

  • Steam Room Pass

  • Daily healthy lunch special

  • Daily slow pressed green juice

Your choice of treatments:

Traditional Thai Massage 60 minutes

Traditional bodywork technique, utilizing yoga stretches and acupressure that stimulate pressure points while releasing muscle tension. Our traditional Thai massage will leave you with a sense of wellbeing, flexibility and vitality.

Aroma Oil Massage 60 minutes

Indulge in our relaxing medium-pressure, full body oil massage using natural coconut oil with your favourite essential oil.

Deep tissue back & shoulder Massage 30 minutes

A vigorous, therapeutic deep-tissue massage that releases tight muscles and joints. A 30-minute session concentrates on your upper back and neck, leaving you feeling renewed and soothed.

Foot Massage 60 minutes

Pamper your legs and feet with a massage to help relax the muscles, regulate blood flow and reduce stress.

Transformational Yoga Immersion

Start your yoga journey on a day that works best for your travel plans – and if you’re loving it too much to leave, know that our doors are wide open for you to stay a little longer.

7 Day

  • Welcoming meal
  • 1 Goal assessment session with Randall
  • 5 Private Yoga sessions with Randall
  • 7 Yoga classes
  • 1 Hot stone massage
  • 4 Massage treatments (1 hour each)
  • Daily healthy lunch special
  • Daily slow pressed green juice
  • Daily steam pass
  • – Accommodation not included –

Our recommended accommodation

We recommend one extra night on top of your package duration.

Accommodation types
Budget Bungalow Fan-Cooled
Female-only Aircon Dorm
Hillside Superior
Weemarn Baan Fan-Cooled with ocean view
Weemarn Baan AC with ocean view
Garden Suite

We are delighted to offer a 10% discount off the total accommodation price.

Immersion FAQ´s.

I don’t know what I want to work on. It is a problem?2023-08-28T12:21:38+07:00

Not a problem in the least. Our personal consultation at the beginning will help us to find the methods that will bring you growth. Part of this Immersion is helping you to find clarity.

Is the Package Really Focused Only on Me?2023-08-28T12:20:23+07:00

It truly is. Most of us just go to yoga classes and do the same practice as everyone else. We never get a chance to do what we personally need. This is a chance to feel what it’s like to find and do YOUR yoga. It feels vastly different and is infinitely more satisfying.

I’m not an advanced yogi. Can I still do the Immersion?2023-08-28T12:23:26+07:00

Of course you can. Randall can work with you on whatever level you are at. Everyone has to start somewhere and each of us is at a different place on our journey. Just come as you are and we’ll help you find your next level.

Is the Immersion very tiring or intense?2023-08-28T12:24:19+07:00

The immersion is designed to be vitalising, so that you leave with more energy and life force than when you arrived. If you wish, you can work intensely, or perhaps your needs are to de-stress and revitalise. Whatever you need, we’ll tailor the Immersion to your needs.

What people say about us

This place really is a sanctuary. I felt instantly at home, the staff are So lovely, the setting is beautiful, the yoga classes are top notch, the food is delicious, the detox program comprehensive and I felt very taken care of, and the bungalows are great… this was my first, but definitely not my last time at this little slice of heaven.

Rose, UK

What a magical place full of amazing people, authentic Yoga and delicious food. I will always come back here!

Freya, UK
We stayed at The Sanctuary and we spent an incredible time there. The staff is the most welcoming and attentive we have ever met. Also a big thank you to Randall for an amazing yoga experience. We’re definitely coming back!!
Erik , Canada

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    Budget Bungalow Fan-CooledFemale-only Aircon DormHillside SuperiorWeemarn Baan Fan-Cooled with ocean viewWeemarn Baan AC with ocean viewGarden Suite