Sanctuary LIVE

Welcome to our beach side jungle studio

We’re offering two LIVE classes from our Jungle Studio each Saturday & Sunday. In addition, we’ll still have Daisy streaming in on Mondays for a Meditation & Movement session and Randall on Saturdays for a Swara Yoga class.

Please find our schedule for the upcoming week below! And stay tuned on our social media platform for further updates.

All LIVE Streams are shown in Bangkok Time
Yoga Class 1: 3pm Bangkok Time   ∣ 9am London ∣ 10am Rest of Europe ∣ 6pm Sydney
Saturday- Ania: Sound Healing Journey
Sunday- Sophie: Yin Yoga
Yoga Class 2: 5pm Bangkok Time   ∣ 11am London ∣ 12pm Rest of Europe ∣ 8pm Sydney
Saturday- Nolita: Vinyasa Flow
Sunday- Eliza: Align with the Divine
Additiona Saturday 10pm Randall: Swara Yoga , Monday Meditation with Daisy

LIVE Class Replays