Dry Skin brushing

Top 4 Benefits

The word ‘brushing’ may bring to mind many things, regarding teeth and hair, but rarely skin. Surprisingly to many, skin brushing is a thing. But what does it entail and what are its benefits?

Dry Skin Brushing

Despite its lack of press, more and more people are looking into dry skin brushing. It is becoming increasingly available at wellness centres globally due to this surge in interest.

Benefits of dry skin brushing are numerous and varied. From cosmetic to medial, the perks of this treatment make it a must try for any wellness enthusiast.

What Is Dry Skin Brushing

Simply put, it is a basic process of literally brushing the skin with a specific dry brush. A certain pattern must be followed; staring with the extremities, hands and feet, and brushing in towards your chest and heart. The optimum time for brushing is just before showering.

As previously mentioned, dry skin brushing has peaked in popularity due to is many benefits. As well as making the skin softer and smoother, here are four top benefits of this magical ritual:

#1: Lymphatic Support

Your lymphatic system is a massive and highly important part of your immune system.

It includes vessels, ducts, lymph nodes, and organs. Since many of your lymph vessels run right below your skin, dry skin brushing stimulates your normal lymph flow.

Therefore, dry skin brushing aids the body with detoxing in a natural way.

#2: Exfoliation:

It is common knowledge that exfoliating several times a week is a great way to cleanse the skin from dead cells and dirt. This wisdom however, is often only used in regards to facial exfoliation and skin care. Dry skin brushing applies this same awareness to the body, giving the same effect of cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. To achieve this result, all you need is a natural and firm bristled brush which will remove dead skin cells in an organic way.

#3: Clear Pores:

Another bonus to add to the list, along with removing dead skin, brushing also clears out pores. The tough bristles of the brush work well unclogging dirt, oil, and residue from the pores. Take into account that you will need a softer brush for your face as the face is much more sensitive, while the rest of the body will benefit from a firmer pressure.

#4: Reduces Cellulite:

Although no conclusive research has been conducted about this benefit, many have claimed to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite. However, cellulite is something that everyone has naturally and is not a flaw. It will improve the appearance and feel of skin in brightness and softness however.