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Yoga at the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Yoga is one of the oldest regular yoga programmes in Thailand. For over 25 years, we have offered a wide variety of transformative and fun yoga classes. Our yoga classes are tailored for people of all levels and experience. Beginners can learn the basics and continue to build their yoga practice; more experienced students can come join us to take their yoga to the next levels of depth. Truly, Sanctuary Yoga is for everyone.

We offer 2 regular daily classes, each with its own flavour. Morning class is more dynamic and is similar to the Vinyasa Flow style, but with lots of breath, philosophy and meditation mixed in. Afternoon class is quieter, focusing on stretching and releasing in the Yin Yoga style.

You can join us for drop in classes or sign up for a complete yoga package that includes private lessons and other perks, to make your yoga experience even more delicious. Please see below for details.

Daily Schedule

  • Vinyasa Flow and Breath, 8.30-10 am daily
  • Afternoon Class: Yin Yoga and Breath, 4-5.30 Monday-Friday

Monthly Workshop Schedule

  • October 25-28: Yoga for Vitality, Strength and Health
  • November 22-25: Yoga and Ayurveda
  • January 3-6: Yoga for Detox and Purification
  • January 24-27: Pranayama and Breath: Cultivating Energy and Vitality

Yoga Trainings and Intensives Schedule

  • Anahata Yoga Training: December 4-16, 2022
  • Swara Yoga Foundations Teacher Training: February 5- March 3, 2023
  • Yin Yoga, 5 Elements and Tai Chi Intensive, March 12-24, 2023

For more information about anything related to yoga, please contact us for details.

Yoga Holiday Packages

3 Days
7 Days
10 Days

Detox Packages

3.5 Days / 5 NIghts
5.5 Days / 7 NIghts
7.5 Days / 9 Nights
10.5 Days / 12 Nights

What we offer

Yoga experiences, trainings, retreats and workshops

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