Sanctuary in the Press

Jetstar , Australia

How a working mum swapped play dates for downward dogs on a magical Thai island for her first wellness retreat ever — and found it more transformative than she could have imagined.

Time Out – Beijing – Winter Escapes

Go to Thailand and choose colonic irrigation over partying? That might sound crazy, but after a stay at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan in southern Thailand, your mind, body and possibly even your soul will thank you.

Fabulous Magazine, UK 2008

Train Man’s just come out of the bathroom and I’ve asked him what colour his poo was. It’s probably the least romantic conversation we’ve ever had, but there are extenuating circumstances – we’re staying at a spa where talking about your faecal matter is the norm.

The Times Online 2008

It’s 5am. I have just waved my housemate off on holiday with her lovely boyfriend who loves her. I have not slept for three nights since being dumped via e-mail by the man I’m in love with. And I have just seen a mouse in my kitchen. My God, do I feel sorry for myself.

ABC News 2014

You’ve raged at one too many full moon parties in Thailand, and you’re looking for a place to detox and reset. The Sanctuary Thailand Resort is that place. While staying in tree house-inspired, semi-open-air rooms, guests can sign up for customized detox and yoga programs.

The Guardian 2016

The Sanctuary easily fits the description of paradise. And not just because it’s devastatingly pretty with an azure bay circled by palm trees. It’s paradise because it operates like a community but without the boring chores like cleaning, cooking and governance.

Die Zeit 2019

Lange war sie ein Geheimnis. Diese Bucht auf Koh Phangan, in der Aussteiger aller Länder zusammen entspannen, feiern und ihr Bewusstsein erweitern. Aus ihrer Gemeinschaft ist ein Resort entstanden, wie es auf der Welt kein zweites gibt: "The Sanctuary".

CNN 2020

"As we came over the first hill, the sight of a crystal-white beach below, without anyone on it, was pure magic," recounts Doyle. But they hadn't yet reached "the beach," and so the group trekked on along a narrow path threading between clusters of giant boulders.

The Guardian 2009

A short boat ride away from Koh Phangan’s full-moon frenzy, a laid-back yoga retreat offers ravers calm after the party storm....