Top 10 beaches on Koh Phangan – Thailand

Koh Pha Ngan, nestled between Koh Samui and Koh Tao on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand was the original Hippie get away since the mid 80’s. Back in that day ferry boats were few and far between with most enthusiastic and adventurous travelers making the trip when the waves and weather permitted usually by long tail boat. With its many pristine beaches it was the ultimate in chilled Thai living. Simple bungalows right on the beach , fresh local seafood and fruits, truly Idyllic living. This nomadic hippie culture that traversed Afghanistan, India and then down to Thailand beaches for some serious beach time landed on Had Rin beach, now famous for its Full Moon parties , where they dropped their warm layers donned their sarongs, women’s sunglasses and indulged in some serious chilling and most probably some of its other habits.

While those days are gone the intention and spirit remains in some small pockets. Let us start with the now infamous ‘Full Moon beach and take a look at some of our favorite and remote beaches on the east coast, mostly due to their remoteness and thus not overpopulated beauty and share their magic.

had rin beach thailandHAD RIN BEACH , a beautiful white sand crescent looking over the sun rise side of the island. At one time dotted with simple bungalows now offers numerous restaurants and ‘ full moon’ orientated air conditioned accommodation.
Great for swimming
Getting Taxi boats to Sanctuary and east coast beaches

HAD YUAN BEACHHAD YUAN BEACH is the next beach along the east coast and offers a white sand paradise with some simple rooms as well as 3 star air con accommodation. Great for Body surfing (Nov to Feb) this beach is perfect for simply doing nothing on a tropical beach.
Great for Hanging out, Swimming and the occasional party at Eden Gardens

HAD TIEN BEACHHAD TIEN BEACH a short walk from Had Yuan offers a cool bay with, not get stuck in your bum, gravely sand and is the home to my favorite place on earth, The Sanctuary . Not only can you enjoy the beach, snorkel or chill on the shaded pontoon hammock you can experience the magical healing and menu on offer here. Not to be missed.
Accessible by taxi boat from Had Rin boat or 4wd only
Or by ferry boat Feb to Oct – Thong Nai Pan Express –
departs Mae Nam Koh Samui daily at 12 md.

whynam beachHAD WHY NAM BEACH is a hidden gem, only 5 mins walk from The Sanctuary.Offers a small cove with one restaurant and a lively afternoon scene and is the perfect compliment to what Had Tien and Yuan offer on this amazing bay.
Accessible by taxi boat from Had Rin boat or 4wd only

HAY YAO EASTHAY YAO EAST, an almost untouched white sand beach with a ‘ lost paradise’ secret to tell .
Accessible by taxi boat from Had Rin boat or 4wd only

tang sadet beachTHAN SADET BEACH AND WATERFALL – Situated in Than Sadet National Park this cute bay offers idyllic swimming, white sand beaches and old style ‘ on the beach’ bungalows and restaurants. The 3 tiered waterfall is a fun few hours adventure with water pools to bathe in and rocks to climb.
Accessible by Taxi from Thong Sala town / west side of island
by Boat :- Taxi boat from Thong Nai Pan or Had Rin.
by ferry boat Feb to Oct – Thong Nai Pan Express –
departs Sanctuary daily at 1pm.

thong nai pan beachTHONG NAI PAN BAYS offer a perfect family retreat. Soft sand, mostly calm seas and a village type atmosphere with restaurants, bungalows and 5 star hotels. Also a selection of provate Villas for rent .
Accessible by Taxi from Thong Sala town / west side of island
By ferry boat Feb to Oct – Thong Nai Pan Express –
departs Mae Nam Koh Samui daily at 12 md

BOTTLE BEACH – Beautiful soft sand and clear waters make this a must visit beach on KPG. Getting here is the hard part as it’s a 4 WD road or taxi boat from Chaloklom town. Well worth the day trip

HAAD KHOM BEACHHAAD KHOM BEACH is a hidden secret frequented by many of the long term residents of KPG it offer perfect swimming in high tide times and a shallow sandy bottom in low tide – perfect for the kids . Coral Bay restaurant on the head land has served great Thai food and staples since the early 80’s.
A 5 min bike or taxi drive from Chaloklom village

Malibu beachMALIBU BEACH. In the same bay and only a short walk from Chaloklom village takes you to a busy weekend beach what can seem lonely on weekdays. The allure of the clear, turquoise water and mountain back drop makes this a easy beach to visit and enjoy.
A Short walk from Chaloklom Village

These 10 beaches represent the best and least travelled beaches on Koh Pha Ngan. All offering something remote and special.
As with all things its an opinion, however, after nearly 30 years on Koh Pha Ngan, I have a special attraction to not only remote locations but to those that offer a little bit extra, that ‘Something else’ which is why I have circled the Tri Bay of Had Yuan, Had Tien and Had Why Nam. Here you will find peace and solitude, fun and new friends and the really magical spaces that The Sanctuary has created to offer Health and wellness while still enjoying, in comfort, that feeling as expressed in the movie ‘the Beach’ by Alex Garland Some say inspired by his visit to Had Tien bay and The Sanctuary Thailand.

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