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About the Detox Program

The 5.5 day Fast allows your body to rest that little bit longer and detoxify that little bit more. Giving your body this chance to rest will allow for deeper elimination and some gentle healing.  We recommend at least 2 to 3 days pre and post-fast dietary preparation to maximize the benefits of the process. Guidelines are included with your booking confirmation.

Package Includes

7 nights accommodation
Arrival dinner
4 Yoga or Pilates classes
3 Spa treatments (not waxing)
5 ½ day detox program
Daily steam pass
Daily support
Free meditations
Infrared Sauna x 1 visit
Sanctuary Healing Session  x 1

High Season

Jan 10 - Apr 30
Jul 15 - Aug 31

Prices in Thai Baht

Ladies Only Dorm30,500
Thai-Style Room38,500
Villa Air Con39,900
Deluxe Air Con44,500
Garden Suite52,500
Deluxe Garden Suite56,800
Extra Person Activity Pack25,300

Standard Season

May 1 - July 14
Sept 1 - Dec 14

Prices in Thai Baht

Ladies Only Dorm29,900
Thai-Style Room36,200
Villa Air Con37,900
Deluxe Air Con41,900
Garden Suite48,500
Deluxe Garden Suite50,500
Extra Person Activity Pack25,300

Xmas & New Year

Dec 15 - Jan 9

Prices in Thai Baht

Ladies Only Dorm31,900
Thai-Style Room41,900
Villa Air Con43,500
Deluxe Air Con49,400
Garden Suite59,300
Deluxe Garden Suite64,700
Extra Person Activity Pack25,300


All full days include
7:00 am: Shake
8:30 am: Herbs
10:00 am: Shake
11:30 am: Herbs
1:00 pm: Probiotic shake
2:30 pm: Herbs & green juice
4:00 pm: Shake
4:00-6:00 pm: Colonic session
5:30 pm: Herbs
7:00 pm: Veggie/miso Broth Soup
8:30 pm: Herbs

Last  morning
Shake and herbs
Morning colonic of  probiotics or wheatgrass or chamomile solution
Psyllium probiotic shake
One cleanse meal


Our 5.5 day detox includes all of the following:

  • Pre-fast interview  with our wellness team , complete with a comprehensive fasting support manual
  • A full program of herbal supplements for detoxication and nutrition
  • Psyllium husk and bentonite clay “shakes” 3 times daily
  • Daily green juice
  • Daily elixir from our elixir menu
  • An organic coffee colonic treatment daily
  • Full probiotic (intestinal bacteria) replacement program
  • A relaxing space entirely for fasters to hang out in, complete with hammocks
  • A full library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine, and spiritual literature
  • Complimentary herbal tea menu and fresh filtered spring water
  • Daily visits to our herbal steam room
  • Vegetable/ Miso broth, shared in the evenings with your fellow fasters
  • On site  support
  • A wheatgrass colonic flush or probiotic enema  on your final morning.
  • Post fast sauerkraut bowl
  • A post-cleanse talk guide  and goodie bag of take home herbs


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Not only do we make it easy to detox and relax with our all-inclusive detox packages above; we also offer you a 5 % discount off all extra services within the inclusive package.

You can also book our Detoxes as stand alone programs. Please also check out our Re-Shape Your Life Weightloss Packages,  If you are looking specifically for weight loss.


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