Frequently Asked Questions


We have noticed many folks ask similar questions. We will be continually be adding to this page. But for now, here is a start. If you still have questions, please fill out the form on our contact page.


How do I get to the Sanctuary?

Directions to Haad Tien Bay


 Can I pay with a Credit Card ?

Unfortunately there is no main phone line to Had Tien bay so we can not connect to the banking system.  While at the Sanctuary, you will need CASH  – sorry, we are unable to accept credit cards.  Booking deposit and payment can be made via PayPal (please ask reception)

The nearest ATMs and banks are in Had Rin, 10 minutes away by taxi boat. We recommend you bring as much cash as you are comfortable with to avoid unnecessary trips to Had Rin


Thailand Visas

I want to come for a month long workshop. What do I do about visas?

Thailand Visa Information (scroll to bottom of page)


 Children at the Sanctuary

Most of our guests are adults who come here  to relax and unwind.  Please read our kids at Sanctuary advice ….


 Hosting Your Event At the Sanctuary

Interested in hosting a workshop at the Sanctuary? You can see details here:
Please contact us for more info!


 Friday Night Party

There is a Friday night Dance party on Haad Tien bay. This begins around 11pm and ends around 11am on Saturday. Although its not a Sanctuary event, it is an outdoor party in our small bay… and the noise travels! Unfortunately this is outside our control. We supply earplugs in all our rooms. You might consider changing your arrival day if you are due to arrive on a Friday – it doesn’t make for a great first night’s sleep! However – if you like to dance – it’s a fun party to go to, and many of our guests enjoy it while they are here!


Taxi Boats

There is a taxi boat service from Had Rin to Had Tien ( Sanctuary)  as well as taxi boat and truck service out of Had Tien. This service is provided by local Thai families who set their own conditions.


 Travel and Safety

We strongly recommend Travel Insurance when travelling , Sanctuary, given its location, accepts no responsibility  for any accidents / injuries or property.


Can I Book Accommodation in Advance?

You can book many of our houses and bungalows in advance, particularly our higher end options. All of our cheaper accommodation, including our dormitory beds, is non-bookable.


How Does Your Non-Bookable Accommodation Work?

You just turn up on the day and see what is available! Please Note: We cannot guarantee availability during Hugh Season.


 Do You Have Electricity?

We have 24-hour electricity and all rooms have several plug sockets. You will need to bring an adaptor with you for international appliances and should also check the voltage compatibility.


Do You Have WiFi?

WiFi is available throughout the Sanctuary and grounds, in all rooms, the restaurant and even on the beach. A room allowance is included in your booking, but additional WiFi can be purchased at concierge


Do You Offer Airport Transfers?

We do not offer any transport services – however we can arrange a private speedboat to or from the airport for you. Please see travel directions below.


 What is the Weather Like Throughout the Year?

Our HIGH SEASON is mid-December to mid-April (after Songkran). During this time we are extremely busy!

In terms of weather, during this period the waves can be high, and December through January can be somewhat erratic. February and March usually have great weather.

April and May are quieter and very hot. June is one of our quietest periods and still hot, though a little more forgiving. During these months the sea is very calm and flat.

Mid-July to the end of August is another busy season, with great weather and calm seas.

September and October are quiet months, also with great weather and calm seas.

November is monsoon: now the waves pick up again and it’s rainy season.

Every season has its own pleasures!


Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only
Special Promotion

Special Promotion

Applies to stays between April 20 2018 and July 15 2018

and August 30 to November 20 2018

Maximum 3 nights free per booking

This promotion is claim base and is applied to online bookings only. It will not be applied to any claim on-site nor walk-ins.

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