Effective Weight Loss: The 4 Pillars of Health

Effecctive weight loss at the Sanctuary Thailand

In the hopes of achieving effective weight loss and optimal weight, our approaches are often chosen on the basis of long-held beliefs: “Do lots of cardio”,  “Intensely restrict your calories”, “follow what worked for your friend or the current fitness trend” and so on. More often than not, none of these work! Most of these methods end up being too extreme, overly focused on appearance, unsustainable, and downright unenjoyable.

At the Sanctuary Thailand, we believe in a different approach, an effective weight loss not only helps you achieve your ideal weight but also supports your overall well-being. By looking through this holistic lens of the 4 pillars of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, you can begin to change your whole approach to achieving your dream body and keeping it that way.

Leading this program is our passionate performance specialist, Nina. Offering a transformative program designed to draw from a strong, data-driven standpoint and offer a well-rounded approach to holistic, sustainable weight loss. With humble gratitude and thanks to her influential teacher, Leah Simmons.


In each program, you will meet daily with our practitiner to train with a combination of resistance training and circuit work for the whole body.

Bodywork Benefits:

  • Stronger and toned muscles
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved core for daily life
  • Pain-reduction
  • Stronger mind-body connection


Each program will include regular Breathwork integrated into each training session, interspersed with cardio-based training in Nature with hikes to scenic viewpoints and watersports at our beachfront property. 

Breathwork benefits:

  • Improve Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Encourage Cellular Regeneration
  • Increased productivity and problem-solving
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Cardio in Nature benefits:

  • Boost heart-health
  • Lower cortisol (one of the main reasons our body holds onto fat)
  • Enhanced feelings of well-being
  • Reduce anxiety


Be guided to connect even deeper to your body and hone in with loving awareness of your heart space. Breathe into each moment as it arises and practice observing as it passes.

Meditation Benefits:

  • Reframe negative beliefs into positive thoughts
  • Improve emotional resilience
  • Improve Self-Esteem and Relationships
  • Practice non-attachment and non-judgment


Integrate each session’s work with a moment of stillness in power postures hold and guided Yoga Nidra in Savassana. 

Benefits include:

  • Releasing old limiting beliefs
  • Tap into your inner power
  • Embracing deep rest as important as work
  • Live feeling connected to your sense of purpose and passion

Say goodbye to the exhausting and ineffective methods of the past. Instead, we offer a mindful and balanced strategy tailored to your unique wellness journey. Our mission is to guide you on a path that not only helps you achieve your ideal weight but also supports your overall well-being.

Join us in the ‘Reshape your life program’ and pave the way to a more vibrant, energized, and contented you

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