Interview with Peter Clifford

Founder of Anahata Yoga

Peter Clifford is the founder of Anahata Yoga. He has been studying, practicing and teaching Yoga for over 56 years now already. Peter has been coming to the Sanctuary for many years, where he spends a couple of months a year, hosting diverse workshops, retreats and trainings. During the summer months, he travels to many different destinations in Europe, where his students come to learn from him and also to be part of the Anahata Yoga community again.


For more information about Workshops, Trainings please visit Anahata Yoga

Anahata Yoga is a very rare and old tradition coming from Assam in the Himalayan mountains in India, focusing on the opening of the Heart Chakra as a connection point between consciousness (Shiva) and Kundalini energy (Shakti) and represents love, charity and balance.

Peter, now over 70 years young, learned this tradition from his first teacher, Shankara, in the 1960’s when he travelled to India for the first time. The philosophy and practice of Anahata Yoga resonated so much with him that he stayed with his teacher in India for 10 years straight before he started travelling and studying with other teachers like Swami Sarasvati, TKV Desikachar, AG Mohan, BKS Iyengar and Rishi Nityabhodananda. But even though he has been studying with all those great teachers, he always came back to Anahata Yoga.