The Power of Sound

Sound… what is sound? Did you know that we can actually only hear 1% of all sound? So, what else does sound consist of that we can’t hear with our ears?

If you have ever been to a club where they play deep techno music, you’ve probably noticed that your heart rate goes up quite a bit with the beat they’re playing or when you listen to a beautiful concert of a classical orchestra, that you might feel very peaceful, calm afterwards. Of course, these are two very different outer environments as well but apart from this fact, the music, the sound you’re receiving and which is traveling through all of your five sheaths of human existence (also see blog article about our five bodies, the Pancha Koshas) have different vibrations, which effect your bodies in very different ways.

Sound is a vibration at a particular frequency. It is a form of energy that has a frequency, a pitch, a volume, a tone and many more subtle qualities.

Sound can be a very powerful healing tool. It’s so powerful that it can be used to produce physical changes in organisms. There are good vibrations, beneficial vibrations used to soothe and heal and then there’s also not so good, more harmful vibrations that are destructive because they’re so intense, concentrated vibrations.

One good example what always makes me realize the effects of the vibrational energies surrounding me is when I’ve been spending some time in the jungle where there’s mostly just nature sounds around us and then I travel to a bigger city again and I feel mostly overwhelmed for the first couple of days because of all the different vibrations I’m exposed to all of the sudden; sounds my body is not used to anymore after the tranquillity of island life.

Sound can be a very powerful healing tool.

It’s so powerful that it can be used to produce physical changes in organisms.

Sound has already been used by Tantric Yogis and Rishis for a long time who have discovered certain sounds and psychic vibrations during deep states of meditation. They’re healing chants, we call them Mantras. Yogis heard these Mantras when they entered a state of Samadhi (eternal bliss) or other states of higher consciousness.

So, where do these sounds, these vibrations come from?

We believe that all physical matter is stable and has a solid structure, like our outer bodies, a wooden floor, a table or a door for example but under a microscope you can see that all of solid structures consist of a collection of crystals made up of many atoms. These atoms consist of sub atoms, particles, components, electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks, which is the smallest quantity of energy known of to exist.

This energy is in a state of constant vibrations, which means that these vibrations are continuously interacting with each other and also with the outer environment by creating and responding to energy waves which can manifest in many ways, one of them is sound.

Modern physics now agree with ancient Yogis who have already known for a long time that sound is the primordial form of energy. Sound is the original substance and basis of the whole universe. The universe is in a constant state of vibration, so we’re all in a constant state of vibration as we’re part of the universe.

So sound, so much more than we believe it is…

Author: Caroline Altmann