Yoga and the Road to Vibrant Health

Yoga is known all over the world to be an activity that is considered ‘healthy’. But why is this? Is
it because stretching the body and being flexible makes one healthy and disease free? The
answer is not straight forward: it’s both yes and no. The simple answer is that being flexible
does not guarantee vibrant health. If it did, then acrobats and circus performers would live long,
disease free lives.

However, being flexible is a good start to creating a body that is energetic, balanced and
functions well. There is more to the formula if you want yoga to bring you the benefits that it’s
famous for. (Traditional Yogis were known to be exceptional people who lived long and fulfilling
lives.) So if you want to reap the fruits of yoga, we need to have a few more things in place.

Let’s look at a few of them:
Our bodies need strength as well as flexibility. Strong muscles create energy, confidence and
the power to do what we need and want to do in life. Our breath needs to be free flowing, deep
and steady so that we get the energy we need to feed the muscles, organs, and our brains as
well! The cultivation of our mind is also an essential part of yoga and health. When we use our
minds, we need clarity; when we don’t use our minds, we need peace.
Well-balanced yoga practice can cultivate these aspects of ourselves that are critical for vibrant
health. If we approach yoga in this way, surely it is one of the healthiest things that we could
possibly do!

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