‘You never miss the water until the well runs dry’

The rainy season took much longer to reach the east coast of Koh Phangan than normal this year, so here at The Sanctuary we had to take some serious measures to make our limited fresh water supply last until the rains came.

It has been a time of learning for all the Sanctuary crew, as well as helping our guests to build their water consumption awareness.  We learnt some good habits which we all should embrace always, and these help make The Sanctuary even more eco-friendly:

*  Did you know… that each toilet flush uses 15 litres of water? We disconnected the water to our toilets and provided water buckets for guests to use

*  Did you know… that by leaving the shower on while you lather up can waste up to 30 litres of water? We left signs in all rooms asking guests to kindly switch off the water while they added soap and then switch back on to rinse.

*  Did you know… that you can waste up to 10 litres of water whilst cleaning your teeth or washing your face? As above, we asked guests to turn off the water whilst they cleaned and switch back on to rinse

We also got tired of seeing plastic straws on the beach… they are a curse to the planet. So we have stopped giving out straws with drinks from the bar unless you ask for them, and we are sourcing paper ones to get rid of plastic altogether.